UPDATE: 2017 NAPF Pan American Championships Archived Footage

Dear Athlete and Spectators of the NAPF PanAms,

Many have been messaging, tweeting, insta-DM’ing and emailing regarding archive footage that was lost for a couple of the days we covered the 2017 NAPF event.

We use Google as our Content Delivery Network(CDN) and up until now have been relying on them for archives of our broadcasts. However, this has presented us with a weakness in our post-production plans and obviously has hurt our business due to this poor decision on our part. Once we realized this, we took steps to enable archiving both on the CDN servers as well as locally as it’s being produced. This requires a significant amount of disk space and processing power which depending upon the venue and the package that’s been ordered can’t always be guaranteed to be available. That being said, it’s now a policy amongst all our teams that all broadcasts be archived locally.

It’s our understanding that only the first 11 hours of Day 1 and 7 hours of Day 2 are available on Google’s CDN servers. We worked with them over the past week and they were unable to recover the lost footage. So while it was successfully broadcast, due to encoder errors, the archive became corrupted and their servers discarded the rest. We locally archived Days 3-5 in addition to having successful server-side archives as well.

For that you all have our most humble apologies. As I stated previously, we’ve taken steps to ensure that we don’t lose archival footage again.

We will enable sales of Highlight Reels for this event, however, please check on our YouTube channel if you were on Day 1 or 2. If you can see yourself there then we have your footage, if not, then no other copy exists unfortunately.


LiftCast.TV Team

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